Auroville of City of Dawn is quintessential site of entire Pondicherry, the experimental township is home to diverse population and it represents section of overseas habitats who have become a resident of Pondicherry and Auroville. It was founded back in 1968 by Mira Alfassa known as mother and today it stands as a universal town with vivid population of people from Asia, Europe, South America, Americans, Etc.


The name has been derived from French word Aurore meaning dawn and Vile meaning city beside that it has been also tagged with history of Sri Aurobindbo.


The credit for the creation of the universal township could be credited Mira Alfassa, an active spiritual leader of Aurobindo foundation. In an annual conference of 1964 she proclaimed about Universal Township and today as a result of her vision and concept; it is lived by people from every pocket of the world. It stands as an example of how people could live in harmony forgetting social evils.

Direction and details

Located 12 km northwest of Pondicherry it has around 2300 residents representing 43 nationalities and out of 100%, 60% of people are foreigners. The interesting fact of the township is it is non religious and it practices no specific culture, it is a modern society with every community helping each other. Aurovillians has their own farm and different projects going within sets their world away from the regular democracy. It has schools, IT, renewable energy hub, handicrafts etc to support the livelihood.


It is a centre of attraction of Auroville and it is dedicated to mother Mira Alfassa who is credited with the establishment of such brilliant and diverse township. Beside that Matrimandir there is lotus shaped urn that represents the idea behind the establishment of society and township.