The first thing that strikes your mind when you think about Kerala is its unique and world famous backwaters. Backwaters in this Kollam-Backwater6heavenly state are a unique network of lagoons, rivers, lakes and inlets that is exclusively found only here. Hence it is a major tourist attraction of the state and a major source of livelihood for the people. The captivating beauty of the backwaters, dotted with coconut and palm trees definitely attracts your senses. Calm and serene environment of the backwaters surrounded by greenery and inhabited by some of the most hospitable people makes a once in life time experience. There are various ways to explore the backwaters; you can either hire a houseboat which is almost like a floating luxury hotel that has all modern facilities. As you are sailing across the beautiful waters in the houseboat you can enjoy a good massage, wine and dine and just relax soaking up the mesmerizing beauty. You can also choose to just sail around in a canoe.

Some of the important places that you can visit as part of your journey are Kollam which is the starting place of backwaters in our state. Alappuzha, dotted with historical colonial buildings this place is famous for its snake boat races; the scenic Kuttanad with lush green paddy fields and charming rural people; Munroe Island which houses various varieties of birds; Kasargod which is known for its paddy fields, coir processing and beautiful landscapes; Thiruvallam which is famous for its canoe rides and other water sports; Kozhikode which is relatively unexplored and provides a quite place for boating and cruising. But the most famous and beautiful of them, located on the Vembanad Lake. It is the most sought after destination when it comes to the heavenly state. It beats all other places with its serene, unmatched beauty and captivating environment.

A major attraction that pulls the crowd towards the backwaters is its world famous boat races. Termed as the largest team sport in the world various kinds of beautifully crafted boats take part in the race. Manned by about 100 to 125 row men, the boat races are the traditional sport, which is celebrated every year between August and September with oomph and grandeur. Some of the renowned boat races are the Nehru Trophy Boat Race, Indira Gandhi Boat Race, Champakulam Moolam boat Race, Aranmula Uthrattadi Vallamkali, Kumarakom Boat race etc.

While holidaying in tKollam-Backwater7he boat you can do various activities like fishing, canoeing, and sailing or just take a relaxing cruise. Taste the delicious local food, meet some of the most charming people, stay in some of the best hotels and resorts, take a rejuvenation ayurvedic spa treatment and just forget about the troubles of life. You will come across beautiful beaches, exotic wildlife, aromatic plantations, historical buildings, unique culture and all in all the most wonderful experience of your life while taking a memorable journey. Various tour packages are available to suit you travel and budget needs to take a memorable holiday to the heavenly state.