Kerala a land of rich culture and prosperity has a beauty of every kind starting Varkala-Beach7from the hue of green to a lovely wildlife or say a sunny life or look for a beach Kerala has everything you want and it becomes more important to highlight a beach feature of Kerala because from the south to north of Kerala we will find a huge lovely coast of beaches asking us to really look after it.

In terms of defining the beauty of beach Varkala is prominent for its beauty and its atmosphere.

Brief Info Related To Varkala Beach : Varkala popularly known as Papanasam believes to wash a sin of human life and also a religious pilgrim of Hindu people ranked amongst the top ten Varkala is designed with a peace and harmony seaside resort and spa is waiting to engulf in its arm of comfort and stillness.

Location: At the south belt of Kerala at the border of Trivandrum District it is just a delight for a beach lover come and enjoy a beauty of Varkala as it invites a millions to its coastal line to offer a gentle mild environment come be a part of an exquisite Varkala and witness a beauty like never before.

Places of interest: A majestic beach outside the district of Thiruvandhapuram has so much to explore within its boundary if you are around the side of beach I guarantee you would not want to miss a century cross Vishnu temple which holds special attention from religious standpoint. 10 km away from a shore of Varkala stands Papanasam as mentioned earlier it is believed inside the depth of it waves human had washed their sanctum of sin and it is also renowned for its curative medicine of natural spring. A pristine shrine of Janardhanaswamy Temple is a distance away from a beach at foothills of Sivagiri Mutt where people come to visit and witness a place where a great social reformer Sree Narayana Guru breathed his last. Sivagiri pilgrimage where a millions of people comes to visit standing at a cliff it gives you a bird eye view of Varkala beach.

Importance: Beach holds a significant position not because it looks to offer you a beauty of beach but also being a juncture religious harmony Varkala has noticed million tourists coming at its door and from there visiting a holy pilgrim and religious temple.