Boat Races

Kerala Boat RaceThe divine land of Kerala is full of numerous water attractions apart from its natural beauty and spirituality. Located in the southern tip of India, this beautiful state is home to number of beaches like Kovalam, Varkala, Kappad and several picturesque lakes. Here exists affluent variety of flora and fauna which is depicted by the splendid wildlife and bird sanctuaries. This wonderful state of Kerala is much known as backwater state. This excellent place is bestowed with nature which is not less than a heaven. This wonderful state of Kerala invites vacationers from all over the globe for its blissful experience of backwater and houseboat cruise, which really departs you to a different world of serenity and soothing ambiance.

Kerala boat race is one of the known attractions of the state whose glory is known across the globe. These exciting boat races in Kerala make the peaceful backwater come alive. The boat races are celebrated during the festivals in Kerala and is a must see attractions during Kerala tour to India. The boat race in Kerala depicts the unique cultural heritage and traditional inheritance of the state and is also one of the electrifying socio cultural events of the state which take place every year during the month of August and September in Alappuzha.

Nehru Boat Race

It is one of the prime Kerala boat races whose magic is acclaimed throughout the world. It is an annual festival which is conducted on the second Saturday of August month on the Punnamada Backwaters of Alappuzha. It is also considered as the biggest race in the entire world, the colorful boat pageantry which precedes the boat race, is an excellent retreat to the onlookers. With over 100 to 120 oarsmen ploughing the water to the tune of the renowned local music entice vacationers from all over the globe. Named after first Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru, this exciting event was first held in 1952 to honor his visit to this place.

Aaranmula Boat Race

It is the oldest and the most popular boat race which is held every year on the Pampa River near the Shree Parthasarathy Temple. This exciting event is held during the Onam Festival every year. It is a two day celebratory event and is held in devotion to traditions during the Onam Festival rather than a sport competition.

Payippad Jalotsavam

Payippad Jalotsavam or Payippad Boat Race is held in memory of the installation deity at Haripad Subrahmanya Temple as a Religious significance. It is a three day annual festival on the Payippad Lake which is situated 35 km form Alappuzha. It is held during the month of September in the first week.

Champakulam Moolam Boat Race

One of the oldest and the most popular boat races held in Kerala. It is one of the most exciting boat races to witness in Kerala. Be here at the bank of the Pampa at Champakulam, Alappuzha and enjoy the line of the boats tearing down the river, along with hundred chanting men in each, watched by a riotous crowd with great enthusiast. This boat race is an integral part of culture of Kerala which begins with the new season according to Malayalam calendar during the harvesting time.

Orchirakali Boat Race

This boat race is yet a famous one which is associated with the Sri Parabrahma Temple. Orchirakali is an annual event in the Sri Parabrahma Temple aiming to highlight the martial skills of the participants. This boat race is held on the place where former ruler of Kerala namely Ambalappuzha and Kayamkulam are said to have fought a historical battle. This boat race is held to honor that historical event.

Indira Gandhi Boat Race

Indira Gandhi Boat Race take place in the last week of December and is a closing moments to the Tourism Fair. It is a grand fest on the tranquil backwaters of Kochi. The sixteen royal snake boats race neck to neck in gaiety and competition to the sky rending cheers of the multitudes is an eye elite sight. The popular trophy of this boat race was instituted in reminiscence of Indira Gandhi, the late prime minister of India.