Botanical Garden Pondicherry

Botanical Garden Pondicherry

Botanical Garden Pondicherry

Located in the southern entrance of the bus stand, Botanical Garden which is almost 178 years old is a must visit tourist attraction in Pondicherry. The botanical garden was opened in the year 1826 for public and since then the garden is quite popular among tourists and students as it is an important educational and recreational centre.

Architecture of Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden architecture is highly influenced by French and provides an insight of how architecture in French developed and how the colonization has impact over the development of Pondicherry. Garden was started in the year 1826 and was laid out in an ornate style, so that locals can enjoy picnic as well as spend leisure time strolling along the park enjoying the copious beauty of nature and greenery.

Plants inside the Park

Spread over a sprawling area of 22 acres, the garden houses more than 1500 species of plants that are brought from across the world. Today most of the plants are thriving in the luxury of the garden with their names and interesting facts and information about their use of the tree, amount of oxygen generated and medicinal value. The park is divided into 28 plots each having own unique theme which has mix of endangered and exotic species of plants.


Started by French Colonists on experimental basis in order to analyze the crops that could be cultivated in the region, later plants and trees were also planted which were brought from different corners of the world. Looking at the successful thriving of plants the plan was converted into a botanical garden in the year 1931. Later with the transfer of power in 1960 the garden became the hub of horticultural development in Pondicherry.

Location: South Boulevard (near old Bus Stand), Puducherry 605001

Timings Opening:  10:00 – 5: 00 PM

Charges: Minimum headcount is important for the train to start. Visiting the Aquarium is also chargeable.

Entry Fee: Adults Rs. 10 while for children it is Rs. 5

Special Theme: Every weekend, musical fountain show is organized.

Inside the Botanical Garden: Children’s Train, Six Fountain, A Dancing Fountain, Japanese Rock, Aquarium and Ornamental Fish.