Food in Kerala Houseboat

Kerala is one of the most culturally fascinating places in India. It has not only contributed widely to the tourism industry in the country but it is also one of the most intriguing cultural prides of the country, Their economy runs mostly on the growing rubber industry because of the plentitude of rubber trees and also coffee for that matter. And of course, Kerala being in the coastal region of India has one of the greatest and most prolific sea food industries in the country. It has contributed greatly to the tourism in the state and one of the most fascinating and interesting aspects of tourist attractions in the state is its houseboats. Houseboats in Kerala would take you on a guided tour of the backwaters of the beautiful state around the flora and fauna of the state that the country so often prides itself on.

Kerala and Kerala houseboats in particular are famous for its reputation for good sea food. Of course, sea food anywhere is expensive but because of the proximity of the state to the seas and oceans, sea food tends to be cheaper in Kerala.

 Kerala  Traditional Food is served in houseboats  which  includes fish/Chicken and seasonal vegetarian food because that is what is most often demanded by the customers. Houseboats also pride themselves on having a large tourist clientele from outside of the country, places such as the United States of America, and European countries such as Italy, Spain and France.

Welcome Drink : Tender Coconut Water is  served as welcome drink on arrival at houseboat.  Breakfast in houseboats in Kerala mostly comprise of the quintessential south Indian foods such as idly, dosa, sambar, with hot tea or coffee. During lunch most of the times, the menu will include foods   fish fry (Karimeen/Neimeen)  and they are also accompanied with different kinds of chutneys, papad and sweets of different.  evenings in the house boats, the passengers are given tea and other snacks which don’t necessarily have to be south Indian. They could be from different parts of the country.

Food in houseboats also includes dinner which comprises mostly of the following food items. There will be rotis, chapattis, dal, chicken curry made in sumptuous and the local  and other kinds of vegetables. Most of the food cooking and storage in the Kerala houseboats are done with utmost care and cleanliness. They take great care to ensure that the food is of high quality and the passengers have the experience of a lifetime.