Fort St. George

Fort St. George

Fort St. George

Fort St George may sound usual but it is the first Anglican fortress constructed in 1644 at the coastal city. It was an instance of trade activities and soon after it completion it gave boost to the same cementing place of Imperials in indigenous land of people. Chronically famous as White Town it has been named after apostle of God, St. George who is associated with an essence of Christianity in soil of Chennai. Owing to its importance, the fort has been declared as important site and it is maintained by Archaeological survey of India.


The fort has been classified into St Mary’s church and the fort museum, the church enjoys the privilege of oldest surviving shrine of Christians constructed by British and the museum is post colonial initiative. The museum of the fort is very attractive and it holds relics of the British Personnel beside that there are graveyards around with some of the oldest coffin and memorials alive till date. The construction of the fort started at the end of the 17th century and by 18th century it became one of the splendour with artefacts, medals, paintings, letters etc redefining the history of those days. The fort has a banquet hall and it was constructed to offer comfort to royalties of viceroys of British Crown. The statue of Lord Cornwallis that stands around 14.5 feet tall could be considered as primary attraction beside that flag mast of the church which is around 150 ft high is another interesting thing that defies the law of gravity.


From Chennai International airport it is at a distance of roughly 21.4 km and traveler could hire local cab, bus or auto to reach here and from railway station it is only 19.5 km.


9 am till 5 pm Friday closed.

Entry fee

Adult RS 15, Minor Rs5 and for foreigners it is RS 100.