French War Memorial

French War Memorial

French War Memorial

Dedicated in late memory of French Soldiers, the French War memorial is a historic and a popular tourist site of Pondicherry. The War Memorial is a monument here and it is set on the Goubert Avenue. The Soldiers of World War 1 have found their place and to remember their sacrifice and bravery, the memorial was constructed after independence back in 1971 just opposite to vertigo of Gandhi Statue.

Celebration of Bastille Day

It is a territorial celebration and it is an annual fever celebrated on July 14th with people coming from every part of Pondicherry to pay respect to their brave hero who lost their lives defending and protecting people and land. During an occasion, the memorial is illuminated with lights to make people remember about the sacrifice the soldiers laid for future generation to come. Bastille Day is a French National Day and owing to their historical union, the festival is celebrated with great zeal and excitement.

Movie connection

Owing to historic importance and presence of scenic brilliance, many of Bollywood movies have captured the scene of the site behind its screenplay. The plays is an ideal tourist site and it is visited by traveller from every parts of the world and especially French tourist loves the connection the share.


10 am till 5 pm, throughout the week.

Best time to visit

Though season of summer could be erratic but it could prove to be best season to enjoy the vacation beside that traveler could come here during winter season to enjoy pleasant weather condition.