Government Museum Trichy

Government Museum Trichy

Government Museum Trichy

The Government Museum of Trichy is actually a heritage centre established in 1983 in the cantonment area. The museum is very dynamic and it holds exhibits relating to geology, zoology, paintings, anthropology, epigraphy and history. It is very ideal as it is a family friendly destination and public works department have well maintained the walls of the museum. Interesting fact about museum is it is well classified and traveller could enjoy the best of the time understanding history and interpreting many other subjects which are part of the museum hegemony.


Construction of the museum was initiated by State department of museum and it began its journey in 1983 and government were intensified in construction of such across. The museum after construction was later moved to Rani Mangammal Darbar Hall during 1997.

Exhibits of the museum

Museum has over 2000 collection of various artefacts, 2000 objects are well classified into outdoor and indoor hall. Some interesting collection of facts include megalithic sculptures, carvings, Stone Age inscription, musical instruments, tools, currencies, fossils, tribal life, armoires and weapons, rare documents, paintings, photographs etc.

The historic compilation includes the name of Hyder Ali beside that there are great, great things within that recalls chronicles of the past. The museum for traveller interest is also an ecological centre as it has an inspiring collection of insects, birds and mammals. The mythological exhibits could come up as surprise but there is so lot you could expect.


The museum remains open throughout the year except on Friday from 10 am till 5 pm.

Entry fee

For locals it is nominal of RS 5 and for outdoors foreigners it would cost RS 100 INR.

Nearby distance

The railway station of Trichy is just located at a distance of around 1.2 km and it is a walking distance from here.