Vagamon HillsVagamon is a tiny but a picturesque plantation township in Central Travancore, Vagamon has an association of green. With a continuous line of lush green hills, amazing ravines and meandering rivulets. A absolute tourist abode anchored 1200 meters aloft the sea level spot amidst by the greenery of tea gardens , Fresh air-conditioned air, aside Pine forest, small waterfalls, adorable meadows agreeable you to Vagamon.


This blissful hill town is located in the Kottyam – Idukki border of the Kerala state. This beautiful hill station is situated at an elevation 1100 meters above the main sea level. Situated at the distance of 64 km from Pala this picturesque hill town is absolutely very worth to visit and explore on your visit to Kerala.


This picturesque hill town does not have any long or grand history to boast of as it remained un- explored for centuries. However the British had plantation here, in the year 1926, when Walter Duncan and Company started their tea plantations here and thus accomplishing this hill very well known. In the year 1930’s more tea plantation was set up in this region and during the 1950’s the renowned Kurisumala Ashram was established here and it is as well regarded as the turning point in its development into a well known place.

Attractions and Things to Do

Trip to Vagamon offers all its vacationers the wonderful opportunity to relax and be in the sync of nature and is still free from the footfalls of mass tourism. The lush green meadows, rolling mountains, misty valleys and mountains dotted with pines, everything translates into immense adorableness and tranquility.

Vagamon Tourism is not only about sightseeing but as well offers abundant opportunities for adventure sports. The towering Rocky Mountains, windy conditions and the sprawling valleys are very well suited for activities like trekking, mountaineering, paragliding and last but not the least rock climbing. The Vagamon tourism is drawing scores of travelers from far and wide.

The overtone of green which spreads all beyond your sight is absolutely a unique experience to the visitors here in Vagamon. The spectacular beauty in the form of gurgling rivulets, deep ravines and exotic waterfalls make it a wonderful spot for a casual weekend affair for any holiday maker with no fixed travel itinerary. The winding road cut through the pine forests and rocky gorges will offer breathtakingly beautiful views of the gorgeous valleys and plains several feet below you as you make your way up along with a relaxing drive. Thus it is said that a trip to Vagamon in itself is an extraordinary experience.

Located along the edge of the Western Ghats and the foot hills which extend to Teekoy estates are a visual feast to adventure eyes. Set out on trekking expedition to adore the excellent views of the gorgeous valleys and gorges which absolutely will leave all the trekkers spell bound and stimulated.

Religious Outlook

Thangal, Kurisumala and Murugan are the three prime hills which represent three prime religions of Christian, Islam and Hindu, this hills towers tall and stands tall as the icon of cultural harmony.
Kurisumala Hill is a renowned hill station and is a spiritual center for the Catholics; Thangal Hill is the burial chamber of Sheikh Fariduddin makes it a popular pilgrimage centre for the Islams and the Murugan Hill is devoted to Hindu God Murugan, the son of Lord Shiva.

Best Time to Visit

Summers which are from March to May are mild with a minimum of 10°C to 25°C which make it a best time to visit. Monsoons which are from June to September are the best avoided as area gets sludgy which makes it difficult for the travelers. Winters here starts from October to February and are very ideal to enjoy the cool climate. Thus we can say October to May is considered as the best time to visit the beautiful Vagamon.

Where to Stay

Vagamon is a wonderful place and can get crowded during the summer time, thus don’t forget to book rooms in advance. Vagamon is home to very good eco-friendly resorts along with lovely cottages. Budget Hotels are available for around Rs 500, but the rooms and service in these hotels are very basic and rooms for couples in economy hotels may cost up to Rs 2000. The luxury hotels and resorts here offer beautiful hill side rooms along with excellent good services.

How to Get Here

This picturesque hill town of Vagamon is very accessible by road, rail and air, it is located 39 km from Thodupuzha. Cochin International Airport is the nearest airport which is located at the distance of 100 km and the closest railway station is Kottayam railway station. Thus from here one can hire taxis and cabs in order to reach this amazing hill town. Vagamon is also conveniently located close to many other popular tourist destinations in Kerala like Thekkady, Peermade and Kulamavu.