Houseboat Location in Kerala

Kerala is one of the most prosperous states in India not only because it is has the highest literacy rate but it also prides on its wide range of tourist places which contribute to the economy of the state. Kerala therefore has been known, for a long time to be one of the favourite tourist spots in the country. Some of the most interesting things to do in Kerala are explore its many splendid beaches and also the backwaters and mountains that the state is replete with. Kerala in many ways is has contributed not only to tourism in India but also by way of the literary geniuses that it has churned over the years. In many fields such as politics, literature, music, and movies, Keralites have made a good name.

One of the most well known tourist interests in Kerala is to explore its beautiful and scenic backwaters. And what accompany the backwaters are the houseboats that can be the experience of a lifetime. The houseboats in Kerala are some of the most frequented tourist activities in the state and also in the country. Houseboat locations in Kerala

are plenty and the following is an outline of the wide platter of houseboat varieties. Kerala houseboat locations are mostly concentrated in the following regions: Alleppey, Cochin, and Kottayam. In the recent years these houseboats that were formerly used as a primary means for the transportation of goods and people in and around the state of Kerala, had lost their significance in its use because of the revolutionizing of roads, trains and planes. But then again, the Kerala tourism industry ingeniously used the idea of turning houseboats into a tourist attraction. As a result, houseboat locations in Kerala have cropped up in plentitude.

Houseboat locations comprise of many kinds and they come in many sizes to fit the needs, requirements and budgets of the tourists. Most houseboats in Kerala are fully furnished and have in house chefs who will serve wonderful and sumptuous platter of south Indian and in particular Malayali food. The price ranges for these exotic trips on the beautiful backwaters of Kerala can go anywhere from Rs. 1500 to Rs. 4000 and above depending on the number of days one is travelling and the type of houseboat one is willing to travel on. One of the most important advices given to those who travel in houseboats is to carry lots of repellent because there are often reports of many bugs and insects that one might want to avoid while on this wonderful trip. The crew members of the houseboats in Kerala make great effort to help with regard to this issue but then again one can never be too sure.

The ride on a houseboat is breathtaking because it takes you on guided tour of the beauty of the waters, the hills, the flora and fauna that Kerala so often prides itself on.