Immaculate Conception cathedral

Immaculate Conception cathedral

Immaculate Conception cathedral

As a guardian of soul and Vikings of believers the cathedral stands on Mission Street and pretty much resembles the architecture of churches of France. Religious, purely religious it is home to beliefs of many and being Roman Catholic, the influence of Europe could be seen in its operations. The church construction began in 1791 and further renovation was done 1987. It is famous for visit of Mother Theresa and other great patrons of society beside that it seems to have magical powers to convince people to believe in one god. Believers and traveler often seems to involve in process of pacification as environment is pan pacified.

Historical fact

Arrival of Jesuit fathers in 1689 proved to be a major landmark for construction and commemoration of Christianity in Pondicherry. With a financial door open from treasury of King, church was again reconstructed which was previously destroyed by Dutch, a competitive imperials of France. Even the second did not have chance and the third fell during Sever years of war. By 1791, from the ruins of the dilapidated church, a new one was constructed and was consecrated by Bishop Champenois. The Bell tower was built later and choir loft was added in 1905.

Immaculate Conception of Blessed Virgin Mary

It is an annual festival celebrated by believers of Christ and Virgin Mary, the festival is conducted in month of December beside that mass services are conducted in Tamil and English languages.

Mass timings

Daily 5.15 Am in Tamil and 6.15 pm in English.

Best time to visit

The season of winter that starts from November till February could be considered as ideal time to make your visit here.