Kallanai Dam

Kallanai Dam

Kallanai Dam

Kallanai Dam or famously known as Grand Anicut is one of the premier attractions of Trichy. The place was built nearly 2000 years ago and it was an initiative of Cholas dynasty and could be considered as one of the oldest functioning water dam of the world. For tourist it could prove to be a great deal as it is a scenic site and they could roll in and execute plans of picnic and excursion to spend their vacation.

Historical account

It was originally constructed by Karikala Chola of Chola dynasty and the primary reason behind was to divert river to the delta districts to help the purpose of irrigation. With an annexation policy of British, it was later renovated and remodelled by British back in 19th century. In 1804, captain Caldwell of Military engineering service was asked to make a study on the Kaveri River and he found Kolidan area was not fertile enough as amount of water from diversion was very less for purpose of irrigation so he raised a solution asking to raise a bar of the dam to increase the capacity. Major Sim in his turn proposed the idea of undersluices to avoid excess formation of silt which would later only help the cause of flooding.


The primary reason behind construction of the dam was to divert water of the Kaveri River across the regions of delta to boost irrigation. The dam equally splits source of water into 4 streams namely Kollidam, Aru, Kaviri and Vennaru and Puthu aru. With equal distribution of water, the agricultural land has been acquired more in acres and by 20th century the area is looking greener and better.

Best time to visit

The season of winter that starts from November till February could be considered as best time to visit here.


From Trichy railway station it is set at a distance of around 18.7 km and from bust stand, it is located at a rough distance of 23.8 km, traveller could take bus or auto to reach here.

Entry Fee: No Entry to the Dam area but Rs 5 per head is charged for entry to the Park

Timings: Open all days of the week from 10: AM till 6:00 PM