Set at the tip of the Indian Peninsula, Kanyakumari is a place where traveller would find the moment of peace and adrenaline to enjoy the vacation. The KanyakumarVivekananda Rock Memoriali tour package would definitely be the most prominent gateway as it would save money and time beside that packages would offer all around experience of Island city, Kanyakumari.

Tourist Places to Visit

There are oracles of places to visit and travellers would find necessary spots to follow the will of their heart. In Kanyakumari, there is abundance of temple, memorials, palace and many more.

Kanyakumari temple:

often referred as Bhagvaty Amman temple, the shrine is considered as one amongst the 108 power blocks of Hindu mythology. The temple is a major pilgrimage block and it has found its description in ancient literatures and scriptures. The temple has a history to offer beside that its architecture is considered as one of the most sublime architectures of India.

Vivekananda Rock memorial:

one renowned for hostility between Christians and Hindu, the Rock memorial is dedicated to praise the glory of Swami Vivekananda who is believed to have walked the door of the city and meditated in rock. The construction was supported by Ramakrishna mission beside that Eknath Khadge played a pivotal role in getting the political support and religious support.


designed in Dravidian style, the seven storey shrine is magnificent and considered as primary tourist attractions of Kanyakumari. The massive gopurams clearly indicates the supremacy of manual work as sculptor and stone cutters. The highest gopuram is set at a height of 134 feet. The shrine is known for pilgrimage and a traveller along with devotees comes here from different corner of the world to enjoy the beauty of architecture.

Padmanabhapuram Palace:

ancient granite fortress is believed to be a product of 17th century before it came a residence of Travancore royalty. The origin and actual date of construction of the palace is still shrouded in mystery but it was reconstructed under the reign Travancore Kings. The palace is well classified amongst which the Queen’s mother room is considered as oldest on the block. The palace has small museum where traveller would find historic compilation of various weapons, artefacts, paintings, Chinese jars etc.

Thiruvalluvar Statue:

measuring around 133 feet, the statue is dedicated to praise the glory of famous Tamil Poet who is credited with creation of Thiruvallar. The statue is considered one of the biggest in Asia and it was inducted in January 1st 2000. The pedestal of the statue inscribe defines the wisdom of the deceased poet beside that 10 elephants defines the various directions. The location of the statue is mesmerizing as it is set at confluence where Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea meet.

Mahatma Gandhi Memorial:

the tomb was constructed in late memories of Father of Nation. The construction was completed in 1956 and his assassination along with his historic visit could be considered as primary reason behind the construction. An urn containing the ashes of Gandhi is main attraction and architecture which particularly has been done in innovative style would provoke traveller to stretch into history.

Udaygiri Fort:

the historic fort was reconstructed by Maharaja Marthanda Varma, the king of Venad during mid 17th century. The architecture and design was conceived by commander of Travancore army De Lannoy.

Importance of tourism

The everglade district of Tamil Nadu, Kanyakumari is an apple of travellers’ eye and it has several important places where travellers could find the bliss of solitude beside that mahogany of beaches around would offer moment that travellers would love to spend again and again till they are not done with beauty of the city.