Kappil Beach

Kappil Beach

Kappil Beach

Best kept secret of Kerala, Kapil beach is less explored beach located 15kms south of Kasargod town. Secluded and less explored Kappil beach is an ideal destination if you want to spend time in the glory of sun, surf and away from the huff and puff of the city life. Fast becoming a major tourist attraction, Kappil beach in Kasargod, Kerala is one such beach where one can enjoy time in glory taking please in beach activities as well as exploring the opulence of the nearby attractions. Nearby Kappil beach is the Kodi Cliff from where visitors can enjoy the panoramic view of the Arabian Sea and the gleaming stretch of the beach adorned by the swaying palm grooves. The magical shades of the palm add more to the charm of the beach especially when the sea breeze blow it spreads a magical shades of green over distant coastline.


Well, being one of the most isolated beaches in Kerala, Kappil beach is visited by locals mostly for picnics or to enjoy weekend. Rest of the time, you will find yourself everywhere, where you can enjoy the solitude ambiance of the beach or enjoy quality time with your friends.


Picnic is an ideal activity that you can enjoy out here. Besides that beach walk, photography an option and more of all a time for yourself away from the chaos of the city life is what you have.

Sun Bathing and Swimming

Swimming and sun bathing are other option and activities one can enjoy at Kappil beach. Being less frequented by the tourists and visitors, Kappil beach is an ideal spot to enjoy sun bathing, where one can have the glory to tan their skin under the friendly sky, surfing the cool breeze from the beach.

Best part of the Beach

Kappil is isolated and endowed with serene ambiance of nature where one can enjoy some wonderful time in the solitude of the nature. Well, the best of the beach is, it is less crowded and is clean and green making the trip more pleasurable and exciting.