Kavaratti Islands

Kavaratti Islands

Enthralled with everlasting beauty, Kavaratti Islands is a major tourist attraction of Lakshadweep. Tranquillity and hospitality is what you are going to witness here and the surrounding environment would definitely take you far away from the reach of people. Known for its pristine beauty, the lagoons here are well covered with lush green atmosphere and dancing leaves of beaches would make your entire journey memorable. Set at an elevation of 2 to 3 meter above sea level it is amongst the lowest lands of India, the southern area which is considered as chicken neck of Lakshadweep is a special place for water sports beside that it represents the section of marine life and marine activities.

Things to see

Kavaratti Island Marine Aquarium is a phenomenal site to understand the world of marine lives, the aquarium is home to fish of many species beside that it has a charm to captivate mind of beholder.

Ujra Mosque represents the majority of Islam followers, as island is home to Muslim community, the mosque could be considered as their site for pilgrimage. The 17th century mosque was constructed by Sheikh Mohammad Kasim and his grave is situated within mosque.

Things to note

Traveller with a fix place to stay would be issued entry permit or else they won’t be allowed to enter beside that they should respect laws and should not cross the line of restricted areas.

Things to do

The lagoon city of Kavaratti Islands is a place where you could look for various kind of water sports and lone activities. Beaches around is known for its tranquillity and serenity. You could indulge in water activities like scuba diving, kayaking, snorkelling, swimming, water surfing etc.

Best time to visit

Season of summer starting from March to May and season of winter from November to January is considered as ideal time to make a visit here.

Ships around

There are four passenger ships operates regularly between Cochin and Lakshadweep so get one your ticket to enjoy your vacation.