Kerala Houseboat Security

Our priorities are enjoyable trip for the visitors and their utmost safety. We do not take even a meager chance for any sort of mishap. In short we will bring you back better than the one we took you.

Safety precautions inside houseboat in case of emergency :

Each and every houseboat is well equipped with safety materials like Life buoy and life jackets in case of any emergency. Furthermore, there are ground staffs in service 24 hours a day. Every houseboat has a mobile phone to communicate with the office. Other safety measure like storage of extra fuel, fire extinguisher and other facilities are also available.

Mosquito Repellant:

Mosquito will not prove to be any danger in the houseboat as there are mosquito nets in every room. Moreover, mosquito repellant creams are also provided.

First Aid:

There are enough First Aid equipments in the houseboat to take care of minor ailments like headache, stomach ache and few more.