Kerala Houseboat Staffs

In each houseboat there are three staff members; 1 will be a versatile cook, 1 expert and experienced captain and the last one will be a crew member who will also serve as a housekeeping staff. Don’t judge them by looking at their simple and clean uniforms because they will make your trip so much enjoyable that you will be taken by surprise if you thought them to be boring and decent workers.

The Chef

The chef will not just be an expert cook preparing dishes of finger-licking taste but will also serve as a captain. He being a local person, if inquired, will give you information about different culture and tradition and can also help you with the names of different waterways, waterfalls, and different kind of vegetation. Our chef is very friendly and can interact in various languages including English and Hindi.


The two additional members in the houseboat will be a joint team forming a crew. These members will be at the front and the backside of the houseboat controlling everything for the safety and memorable ride of the visitors. They will always keep in touch with the visitors and will also look after their safety and other requirements. In case of any help please feel free to call them as they will be in your service throughout you journey in the houseboat.