Kerala Shopping

Kerala is one of the most preferred tourist destinations of India. Its rich culture, beautiful places and peaceful shoppingnatural beauty makes this place a truly God’s own country. Added to all this is the fantastic shopping experience which acts like icing on the cake. Kerala is one of the best places in south India for shopping. Through you get almost everything out here; it is mostly famous for its traditional goods and handicrafts which is soaked in its social and cultural life and represents its vast richness. It has some of the best shopping destinations in India. It is one of the major tourist attraction and one of the favorite pastimes of the tourist in this state. You will be able to fully enjoy this place and make the trip memorable only if you compliment your sightseeing trips with shopping. And you won’t even have to make much effort to buy stuffs out here because wherever you go you will find plenty of shops that sells everything from spices to handicrafts, textiles, clothes, jewellery, furniture and many more other local, cultural and traditional items. Trading and business has been an integral part of the existence of Kerala since the ancient times because it has some of the most important port cities of India like Cochin. In the olden days these cities had important trade links with the outside world.

One of the most important items that you can buy in Kerala is the indigenous handicraft and traditional Indian spices. People from all over the world come here to buy these items. Some of them are truly collector’s items and are true reflection of the culture, tradition, mythology, local aesthetics and products. Locally grown coconut, brass metal, wood, bamboo, cane etc are some of the materials used for making the products which range from showpieces to items of daily use, furniture, mats, carpets, handicrafts etc. Coconut shell craft, brass metal items, coir products, horn carved products, wood carved products, bamboo mats, painting, metal ware, kathakali masks etc are some of the products you can purchase here. To add more excitement to your shopping experience you can visit the places where all these goods and items are produced and see them coming into life.

Some of the popular places to shop out here are – Cinnamon in Cochin where you can buy gorgeous Indian clothes, jewellery and homewhere, Niraamaya in Cochin which is famous for its ayurvedic clothes and fabrics all made of organic materials, Connemara market in Thiruvananthapuram where you can buy vegetables, fish, live goats, textiles, clothes, bananas, fruits, SMSM institute which is a government run handicraft emporium, Sankers coffee and Tea where you can buy fresh coffee and tea produced in various regions of Kerala, handicrafts in Kairali and Kairali fort in Cochin and many more. In addition to these traditional markets and shops there are also malls and modern shopping complex where you get imported items. Hence a perfect bend of tradition and modernity, Kerala offers you a great opportunity to stock you bags when you visit it for a holiday.