Set between the valleys of Parappar and Gundar Valley, Kodaikanal is one of the sublime hill stations of South India. The Kodaikanal tour packages are an exclusive solution to make your vacation everlasting. The fascinating part about package is it has variety beside that it would give you all around experience of majestic hill station saving time and money.

Tourist places around

Berijam Lake:

scenic freshwater reservoir, the lake is a hidden treasure of Kodaikanal hill station. Within the perimeter of Palani Hills, it is encompassed by dense forest and the total water surface covers an area of around 59 acres. The lake is part of micro watershed prospect and in colonial days it served as military cantonment owing to strategic and beautiful location.

Kodaikanal Lake:

premier attraction of Kodaikanal Hill station, the lake is manmade and covers area of around 60 acres. The beauty lies in its scenic environment as star shaped lake is well complimented by beauty of nature. The lake is an iconic location and it was created by Sir Vere Henry Levinge in 1863. The annual rainfall records 1650 mm and during the season of monsoon, it is visited by traveller from every corner of the world.

Bear Shola falls:

set at a distance of around 3 km from the Kodaikanal Bus Station, the Bear Shola Falls is a seasonal waterfall that blooms during the season of monsoon. The surroundings reveal the beauty of undulating terrains beside that it has amazing forest reserve set away from human encroachment.

Palani Hills:

A pure delight for excursion lovers, the Palani hills is well covered by Shola forest. The richness of flora and fauna is very exciting and its vast expanse of area of is divided into lower palani hills and upper palani Hills.

Pillar Rocks:

three vertical boulders overlapping at edge is a magical view and then caves within offers splendid moment to travellers. The Pillar Rocks is an exemplary of rock formation and surrounding area is well covered by forest. It is a great tourist site and Devil’s Kitchen within is a site associated with mythological importance.

Kodaikanal Solar Observatory:

owned and operated by Indian Institute of Astro-Physics, the observatory is set at a distance of around 4 km from Kodaikanal Town. The Palani hill is where it is located with set of instruments like solar tunnel telescope, Ionosondes, etc. it is an exciting place to come and learn.

Coaker’s Walk:

named after Lieutenant, Coaker who is responsible for preparing the city map of Kodaikanal, the lovely walkway is a piece of attraction here. The lake set near the walkway offers splendid views of the surrounding valley. From here traveller could walk up to telescope house for a lovely close-up view of Kodaikanal Township.

Bryant Park:

it is an inspiring park where nature lovers would surely find something to cherish. The botanical park set near the lake is famous for its annual horticulture show during the season of summer. The several of kind of blossom come to delight the way as it seems to be a gift of nature to people.

Importance of Tourism

Tourism is pristine and perfect here, the hill station has small but beautiful tourist places and Kodaikanal for sure is the only site where you would find temples, lakes, waterfalls, cliffs, hills, terrain, nature and many more. Travellers come here from every corner of the world to enjoy the scene as summer season blooms with message of tourism.