Kozhikode Beach

Kozhikode Beach

Kozhikode Beach

Kozhikode beach is located in Kerala, which is also referred as ‘God’s Own Country’. The state holds some of the astonishing geographical features have turned into one of the most popular tourist destinations among the domestic as well as the international tourists. With pleasant climate, peaceful beaches, stunning backwaters, lush green hill stations, variety of wildlife and many more appealing features, the state is a treat to travelers. One of its key tourist attractions is the Kozhikode beach.

Kozhikode beach is situated in between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, in Calicut. The beach is a scenic one which renowned for its sunset views. In the year of 1498, Vasco Da Gama landed on its shores, paving the path for the Dutch, the French and later the English. The beach holds an important place in the history of Calicut, as in its early days it stood as a key port where traders from Arabia and China used to trade for centuries. As Beypore emerged as the chief port, the place lost its commercial significance. Standing in the ruins, among the rough beatings of waves for more than a century, Kozhikode beach still has two docks which were constructed during the 19th century.

The area close to the docks is a popular spot for visitors. Here the water is muddy and is not ideal for swimming. Nevertheless, the slightly slanting sandy shore is comparatively wide and is a perfect place to spend some time while gazing at the beautiful view of setting sun. Some of the major attractions at this beach are the lighthouse, a children’s park and the Marine Water Aquarium. The park offers fun time for children as the park provides amenities for the amusement of children. Another appealing feature of this beach is an old bridge which offers an exciting experience while walking to the edge of the beach.

The best time to visit this beach is during the months of September to May. While the place is easily accessible due to good transportation facilities as the nearest railway station to this beach is Calicut Railway Station and the nearest airport is Calicut Airport. Apart from the rail and air transportation, the beach is also well connected by road with nearest bus station situated in Kozhikode city itself.

As the beach is situated in the ‘City of Spices’, Kozhikode, it offers a good opportunity to buy spices. Calico clothes originated in the city, can also be bought. But if you are seeking for some memento, then a Koyilandy Hookah or a model of Beypore Uru will be a best buy. While the hookah is a water pipe made in the close by town of Koyilandy, Uru is a traditional seafaring vessel, made in a traditional way at Beypore.

Other things of interest are the handloom fabrics, traditional handicraft products which are carved in rosewood and buffalo horn, coir products and miniature snake boats. Delicious Kozhikode halwa and banana chips are to be tasted at this place.

There is not much problem as for accommodation while visiting this beach as there are some well established hotels and resorts, located close to the beach, which will offer you luxurious accommodation. Some of them are The Gateway Hotel Beach Road Calicut, Kadavu Resort & Ayurveda Centre, Vasco Dagama Beach Resort and many more.