Marina Beach

Marina Beach

Marina Beach

Marina Beach, the longest natural urban beach is a premier attraction of Chennai with so much of scope natural activities and adventure. Set at a distance of around 3 km away from the capital city of Tamil Nadu, the beach is sandy in nature and it runs from Fort St George in north to Foreshore estate in the south with an exact length of 13  km and with of 300 ft. The water current variable and it is very dangerous for people to take bath but of course there are bigger prospect as far as adventure is concern. The beach owing to its inspiring tourism has become one of the hotspot of state tourism with average of 30000 visitors a day.


Marina Beach is definitely a landmark as far as tourism is concern, set at midst of the town it is an instance of how nature has blessed the site and vast expand of beach invites traveller from every corner of the world. It is an oasis for locals and oracles for traveller, quiet outrageous in existence it is loved by all and throughout the year it welcomes traveller and locals in its womb to escape regular routine of life.


It may just look tourist oriented but it is far more important and inspiring as its surrounding forms a major part of ecosystem. It is a nesting ground for Olive Ridley turtle and for aquatics it is a paradise on earth.

Flora and fauna

The stretch of the coast where turtle breeds has been protected under wildlife protection act and since it is endangered species it is classified. The environment is well covered by forest land and various laws have been enforced against fish traders and fishermen to restrict them from selling eggs laid by turtles. The month of October till April and then from Mid January to Mid February is considered as important for breeding periods. Other exciting breeds of marine life includes mullets, sharks, silver bellies, rays, ribbon fish, skates, white bait, Jew Fish, crabs, hilsa, tunny, Indian salmon, leather jackets, perchers, etc.

Infrastructure Adventure and Fun Activities

Since it is a place of recreation and to avoid an intensity of summer, the infrastructure is well developed. There are around 500 shops run by local vendors and numerous memorials and statues. For joggers it is an event of morning and evening and for nature lovers it is an affair of lifetime. You would witness children flying kites from the beach front and clear whistle of air defines it commands the condition of weather. Fisherman colony at the end of the beach is an instance of presence of marine life and shops around would definitely make the moment memorable. It has joy rides, merry go round, mini giant wheels along the stretch beside that there are two swimming pool along the line of beach namely Marina swimming pool and Anna Swimming pool. Other adventure rides include skating arena with an outer front from where traveler could view the beauty of surroundings. Much to delight of travellers it has installed artificial waterspouts that falls from an elevation of around 10 meter. To add more to its brilliance two floating fountain was installed beside that to maintain the environment staffs have been hired and cleaning equipments have been brought to live up to standard of traveller.

The interesting thing to note is here is an initiative of state government, they have been very active to keep alive its glory and over the year they have brought enormous changes to uplift tourism. The beach is a starting spot for annual Chennai marathon that starts from Anna Square to Elliot’s beach in Besant Nagar.

Best time to visit

We would suggest winter season to be ideal to make your visit here, the month of November till February to be precise.


From Chennai Railway station, the beach is at a distance of around 10.9 km and it would take 30 minutes to reach here via auto, private cabs etc and from airport it is at a distance of around 18.8 km.