Minicoy Island

Minicoy Island

Minicoy an emerald of Lakshadweep is a wonderful Island with picturesque scene and inspiring archipelago. The crescent shape island is a tourism hotspot and its beauty is loved and appreciated by everyone. Set at the southernmost area of Lakshadweep it owns some of the biggest lagoon within beside that it is the busiest shipping routes of the entire region. The Greenland is inspiring and then you have colourful boats and a natural canopy has shades of coconut plantations along the sand of beaches.

Things to see

Lighthouse of Minicoy Island is beautiful place, constructed during the time of colonials it is a primary attraction and from top one could view dense groves of coconut and surrounding archipelago.

Juma Mosque is a religious site and while coming at Minicoy Island you would have an occasion to witness the religious culture of the locals. Mosque is sacred and considered as one of the major attractions of Minicoy Island.

Climatic condition

Summers are moderately hot but it is a best time to visit lagoons of Minicoy Island, the season of summer starts from March to May and average temperature does not exceed more than 30 degree centigrade. Island receives plenty of rainfall that’s why it is not humid but season of winter could be pleasant, month of November to be precise is ideal for everyone to come here.

Things to do

Traveller could indulge in array of water sports like scuba diving, kayaking, swimming, boating, snorkelling etc. The atmosphere is lazy and there are series of lagoons to choose from which is far from people population and cities pollution.

Things to note

Since it is an island territory and government are specific about restrictions so you need to cruise to reach here, though islands are well connected but some are not allowed to visit and some are not habited by people.