Nelliyampathy Wayanad

Nelliyampathy Wayanad

Nelliyampathy Wayanad

Set amidst an oracle of Palakkad, the Cloud crested beauty of Nelliyampathy is a perfect gateway of holiday for travellers. The pleasant environment and awesome climatic condition is so favourable for tea and coffee plantation beside that it is an exquisite abode for flora and fauna to grow. The mountain ranges solemnly covered by thick blankets of cloud is a sight to behold beside that uneven distribution of landforms offers splendid occasion to travellers to trek the distance. The Pothundi dam in common is a most interesting attraction and it was constructed in 19th century beside that the beauty is associated with the legends of Lord Rama.

Importance of tourism

Since it is scenic destination so traveller could expect to enjoy the session with friends and family. The natural environment has been an inspiration and into the wilderness of dense forest and plantation one would surely find the bliss of solitude. The scenic destination is also renowned for its wildlife sanctuaries that offers sneak peek into diversity. The restaurants around is an evidence of growing hospitality industry beside that there are numerous resort and hotel within the majestic hill station offering comfort to travellers.

Things to do

Advent of wildlife:

Wildlife enthusiasts are expected to have a time of their life as adjoining wildlife sanctuary is a great hub where travellers would get insight of threatened and popular animals.


The Kakkaty serves as a premier trekking spot and it is a base camp from where you could move uphill to enjoy the vacation. Trekking would allow travellers to explore the most divine places of Nelliyampathy beside that it would be good time walking the distance.


there are numerous scenic points from where traveller could expect to get panoramic view of the surroundings. The slopes in common are a great place to venture to get amazing view of the tea estates and plantation area.

Best time to visit

Nelliyampathy is amongst those places where you could come throughout the year but the most ideal month starts from October till March.