Nilambur is a municipality located in the southern India in the state of Kerala at a distance of about 40 kms from the district of Malappuram city and at a distance of about 24 kms from Manjeri located on the Kozhikode-Ooty road. It lies close to the Nilgiri hills and hence has developed a fabulous ecosystem in the place. The word Nilambur comes from the Sanskrit word “Nilamba” which means bamboo. As such here we can find plenty of the bamboo forests which are very much famous. Moreover the region is also known for its Teak plantations.

The place has been emerging as successful ecotourism spot in the state as it is filled with plenty of the natural beauty of the forests, the waterfalls, the gushing rivers, the affluent wildlife and many more where the nature seems to co-exist peacefully in the region. The greenery of the place is fantastic and the forests remain brimming with plenty of wildlife. The soil has been found to suit the Teak plantations and hence good quality of teak comes from the forests of the Nilambur.

The Chaliyar River flows through the place and is surrounded on the both sides by plenty of the greenery on the both sides of the river that has developed owing to the fertile soils deposited by the river. The geographic positioning of the town had made it the residing place of the local kings and the rulers of the place. Here we can still find the royal residence of the rulers of the bygone era which in the local tongue are better known as the Kovilakam. These Kovilakam have been preserving inside them the rich cultural collections of the past along the marvelous pieces of the paintings and the sculptures. This town has earned worldwide fame for an art form known as the Nilambur Paattu.

The place is a tourist’s paradise as there is so much to enjoy in this beautiful laid back town. As we have said earlier that this place is famous for Teak plantation so here is the Connolly’s Plot which has the India’s first Teak museum. The museum has put the every information possible around here for the ones would want to know anything about the teak trees. Also the world’s tallest and the biggest Teak tree is preserved in the Nilambur Teak reserve.

The picturesque views of the gorgeous waterfalls of the Adyanpara Falls and Vellamthode Falls make the most scenic locations in the town. The mesmerizing scenes and the melodious natural sounds of the water pouring from the waterfall and the tweeting of the birds around on the tree tops always delight the nature lovers. These rainforests are also popular for the elephant camps and the wonderful wooden rest houses built all over the places. All in all Nilambur is a good place to explore and enjoy the nature.

Nilambur is characterized by moderate temperate climatic conditions as it is located close to the towering Western Ghats. Summers are hot and are uncomfortable for the vacationers. The winter season is the best time to explore the abode when the temperature is soothing and comfortable, that is from November to March.

The closest railway head is Nilambur itself and the nearest airport is the Kozhikode Airport and this is anchored about 45 km from the place. Thus it is easily accessible from hiring a taxi or public bus to reach Nilambur in Kerala.