Peerumade is an amazing but very less explored hill town which is located around 85 km of the Idukki district in Kerala. This prominent hill resort lies at a height of 915 feet above the main sea level in the region of Western Ghats. It is very famous for its natural beauty and the name of this town was obtained from Sufi Saint Peer Mohammed who was closely linked with the age old royal family of Travancore.

The legend says that he was the first trader to this place who visited for spices as this hill town is very much bounded with abundant of rubber, cardamom, coffee and tea plantation. Beautifully endowed with green blooming fields, mist covered hills, musical waterfalls, sculptural ancient rocks which are as well the prime attractions of this gorgeous hill town. The hill town of Peerumade is also home to numerous and different types of tribal people. Orali, Malapandaram and Malayarayan are the tribal people seen here.

Things to Do

Peerumade is a renowned hill station which is very famous for its amazing natural beauty. Thus just packing your bags and heading to this serene hill town is not enough. Take a nature walk through its dense pine forests, vast grasslands, cascading waterfalls and diverse wildlife sanctuaries. You also can enjoy trekking, cycling and horse riding as this hill town and its surroundings are very suitable. Some of the renowned trekking spots here and around are Kuttikanam, Thrissanku Hills, Peeru Hills, Kalthotti, Vagamon, Grampi and Memala. Fresh tea, coffee, cardamom and other spices are the best buy of this region.


There are score of tourist attraction in this region like Thrissanku Hills, Kuttikanam, Peeru Hills, Grampi, Sahyadri Ayurvedic Centre, Vagamon and Pattumala. Thrissanku Hills are just located 4 km away and is very renowned tourist attractions with the sprawling green hills, the lovely landscape and the calm breeze make this a must visit attractions for the visitors. This scenic hills offer a panoramic view of the sunset and sunrise. Kuttikanam is a famous place for the adventure lovers and is just located 3 km from this hill town. It is an ideal spot for trekking, cycling and horse riding.

Peeru Hills, the idyllic hill station is a favourite place of trekkers and picnickers. This place is as well very famous as it is said that the Sufi Saint Peer Mohammed spent his last days. The mausoleum of Peer Mohammed, the striking Summer Palace of the Royal Family and last but not the least the residence of the Dewan situated nearby are must visit place on the Peru Hills. Beside this Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is another must visit an attraction which is just located 40 km from the Peerumade Hills.

This beautiful hill town is enjoys pleasant climate throughout the year, the more higher you move the cooler it becomes. Thus it is an all season destination and can be visited throughout the year.

With its beautiful landscapes and blooming grasslands this hill town is every tourists dream comes true. Thus the importance of this place is that one can relax here in the surroundings of Peerumade, getting rid of all your work worries. So kick back sopping in the beautiful sights and sounds of its tranquil surroundings.