Poovar Beach

Poovar Beach

Poovar Beach

Poovar, the brilliance of nature where lake, river, sea and beach meets the land is an interesting place to be and stalwarts of its beauty is well defined by its beach which is set at short distance from the beauty of Kovalam Beach. Unspoilt and virgin beauty of the beach is loved by traveller from every corner and its wave speaks with fringes of palms and coconut. An expansion of serenity and long lazy presence of dunes invites love buds and family from every part and during weekends it is a favourite spot that locals love to be nurturing the bond of Mother Nature.

Importance of tourism

From tourism perspective it is a place where travellers love to be during spring season and early summer. The vast expansion is surpassed by regular flow of gentle breeze and resorts around defines how economic it could be for all. The beach is enveloped by the serene backwaters and its beauty opening to the sea sends a clear message about its potential and hygienic approach relates to appreciation of the people.

Things to do

Travellers would require to cart on boat to reach and through backwaters you would make your way here. So from the very moment you could expect things to get exciting, since it is a fishing village traveller could spend time doing fishing. Beach lovers while coming here could rejuvenate the goodness of Ayurveda around resorts.

Photographer could expect to have gentle times here while clicking the best of landscape beauty and then bird watcher could exploit time by envying fluttering of wings. The place has so much to offer during morning and evening you may invest time walking on silent beach and soak the beauty of sunshine and sunset.

Best time to visit

From August to March traveller could come here to enjoy an advent.