Promenade Beach

Promenade Beach

Promenade Beach

1.2 kilometer long beach is the most popular hangout destination in Pondicherry. The rocky out cliffs and the soothing ambiance with serene sight of the beach lure hundreds of tourists every day at Pronmenade beach. It is an ideal place for morning walk and evening walk where visitors can enjoy some heritage landmark like Heritage Town Hall, Dupleix Statue, the Statue of Mahatma Gandhi, the Old Light House and the state of John of Arc.

Beach Activities

Not much activity is carried out along the beach as it has rocky coastline. You can go and sit for hours and enjoy the wave which time and again hits the coastline sparkling water all around. Unlike other beaches in India, Promenade beach is quite different as one can enjoy the serene view and some wonderful time walking along the coastline with your loved and dear ones. Not much beach activities is carried along the coastline.

Leisure Activities

The serene coastline offers some wonderful day to day activities to enjoy. Residents and tourists use the beach stretch for morning walk, jogging, skating, yoga, etc. During the morning time, you will find so many health juice stalls and in the evening the same turns into a quick delectable junk food. Chaats, popcorn, Chinese delectable and fresh cut fruits with chilly and salt to pamper your taste buds are sold by these venders all across the coastline.


Along the coastline you will find various stalls putting up some wonderful art works and handicrafts to take home as souvenirs. Going for some quick shopping would add more fun to the beach visit as well as give you an opportunity to take some wonderful memento of Pondicherry back home.