Puliyancholai Falls

Puliyancholai Falls

Puliyancholai Falls

In ancient town of Trichy, there is a scenic spot name Puliancholai Falls pretty far from the nuisance of town and so close to nature. The terrace waterfall is a really a gorgeous site to witness and it is considered as one of the most desired tourist attraction. The place is splashed with beauty of streams and hilly location definitely makes thing interesting and exciting. The foliage of greenery and miles of serenity is something you need and you could take day long to plunge into water bathing and enjoying the moment.

Description of the falls

It is a terrace waterspout and it falls from an undulating height piercing the stand of rocky terrain, the area is very ideal for nature lovers beside that it is home to medicinal plants and water coming down has a curing elements. It is a trekker paradise and during the season of monsoon it expands its area.


From Puliancholai Falls almost at a distance of around 12 km there is a temple of Lord Shiva and trekkers could walk the distance between deep foliage of forest to reach there. The experience would be different and throughout June and July you could walk up the stretch to earn some blessings from Lord Shiva.

Apart from trekking travellers could indulge into activity of family picnic and tumbling terrace slope actually provides a great shade and you can click Kodak moments with your loved ones before going back to your hut.

Best time to visit: June and July would be an ideal months to make a visit here with friends and family.

Address: Semmedu-Kolli Hill Forest, Namakkal, Tamil Nadu 637411, India

Entry Fee: Not Applicable


From area of transportation and communication like railway station and bus stand, the falls is set at a distance of around 74 and 77 km respectively and it would take 2 hours via roadways to reach here.