Ramakalmedu is picturesque hill town which is located in the mountainous regions of the Western Ghats in Kerala. Located at height of around 3500 feet above the main sea level, and is one of the acclaimed wildlife destinations in Kerala. Situated in the Idukki district of Kerala one can reach the beautiful hill of Ramakalmedu while traveling on the Thekkady – Munnar road which is only 16 km from Nedumkandam.

This picturesque hill town of Kerala gets its name from the impressions of the feet found on the rock surface here, which is said and believed to be of Rama, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, as told in the Indian epic Ramayana. This gorgeous hill town is a Special Historic place with a monument of Kuravar and Kurathi statue, which reflects the Sangam Period and Sangam Landscape of the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

This beautiful hill station is gratified with uninterrupted and high velocity of wind during the season. Ramakalmedu hill town is newly discovered hill station of Kerala enhanced with panoramic view of the neighboring state Tamil Nadu’s small settlements and nearby fields.

Prime Attractions of Ramakalmedu

Ramakalmedu (Rama Stone): Ramakalmedu is a place where Lord Rama had set his foot on the rock here while searching for goddesses Sita Devi (Lord Ramas Wife) during the ‘vanavas’ and thus the place is known as Ramakkal (Rama’s Stone) and is then known as Ramakalmedu. It’s really an amazing experience trekking to the hill top, as the rhythmic wind refresh the travelers every second.

Kuravan Kurahy Statue: It is one of the tallest statues in Kerala which was built by Mr. Jinan Kuravan Kurathy family statue. He was the student of Kanai Kunjiraman. The splendid statue represents the traditional culture of Idukki, more over Ramakalmedu.

Vishnu Temple: The splendid Vishnu temple was built to mark Lord Ram’s visit in this beautiful place as he was here in order to find his wife, goddesses Sita Devi, during the period of ‘vanvas’. This magnificent temple was built 1650 feet vertically below Ramakalmedu.

Things to Do

Trekking: Ramakalmedu is one of the best options of trekking in Kerala as it offers easy trekking trails in abundant for the adventure lovers. The trekking trails which pass through the vast stretches of tea, coffee and rubber plantation around the hill offers the panoramic view of the mother earth blended with natural vegetations. The stiff rocky cliffs, glorying beauty, endless natural existence and the windy ambiance of Ramakalmedu is absolutely and enigmatic experience.

Horse Riding: Horse riding is absolutely being explored as a hobby and sport with numerous health benefits. Thus this place is absolutely suitable for the horse riding along the sprawling green landscapes and the vast expanse of aromatic coffee and fresh tea plantations. This is truly a blissful experience for a tourist here in Ramakalmedu.

Wind Farm in Ramakalmedu: One can absolutely feel like standing in the top of the world by moving up to the tip of the rock with wind blowing here at a speed of 25 km/hr. It is to be noted that this place is the highest measured wind speed in entire Asia. The highest speed of the wind measured here is 30.04 Km/hr. There are numerous power units and more to come up, thus wind farm is the other spot and site not to be missed.

This beautiful hill town is blessed with soothing climate throughout the year thus except the monsoon season entire year is worth to visit.