Ranipuram is small town located in the Kasargod district in the state of Kerala. The prime allure of Ranipuram is Ranipuram National Park. The forests are home to a host of assorted animals. The national park is home to abundant population of elephants. Ranipuram offers assorted travel places for adventures lovers. There are more than 200 breed of birds that are present actuality as well. Safaris can be arranged in the park and this is the best way to see the place. Jeeps and SUVs are acclimated for these safari rides and they are protected on all sides with an iron grill.

The exotic park is home to evergreen forests and which remain lush green for numerous months of the year. Accommodation is not at all tough here as there are numerous privately owned resorts and hotels which are located at various points, as one goes to Ranipuram.

Ranipuram Attractions

As Ranipuram National Park merges with the Talacauvery Wildlife Sanctuary which is nearby the state of Karnataka forms rich biodiversity which allure numerous tourists every year. The type of vegetation here found is only one of its types and is locally called as ‘Shola’. These are evergreen forests which are found at very high altitude and are found in the states of Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and other portions of Western Ghats.

The Ranipuram National Park has a wide variety of fauna, which includes leopards, macaques, porcupine, deer, rare butterflies and giant Malabar squirrels. You also can witness numerous elephants in this park which absolutely adds on to Kerala’s image of being India’s Elephant Capital. Slender Lori is another unique breed found here along with the Malabar Civets and wild dogs the region too.

Ranipuram National Park is paradise for the birdwatchers as it is home to more than 200 species birds which can be spotted in this blissful region, all this and many more makes this place an ideal tourist destination.

Things to Do

Ranipuram is very much renowned for trekking and is considered to be one of the best places for trekking in Kerala. Famous for its trekking trails, the place has varied vegetation which consists of evergreen monsoon forests, grasslands and the only shola woods. As one enjoys the trekking trail here in Ranipuram one also can spot elephants strolling up the hills. Apart from trekking one as well one can enjoy jeep safari along the lush dense forests witnessing some scary wildlife. The jeep safari here is provided and arranged by the Kerala Forests Department Officers.

The climate of Ranipuram can be ideally classified as a tropical wet climate as it is influenced by both monsoons, which includes north east monsoon and south west monsoon. The prime seasons in the region of Ranipuram are the summer, pre monsoon and past monsoon. Thus the best time to visit this exotic hill town is considered to be September to March.