Restaurants in Thanjavur

Restaurants in Thanjavur

Thanjavur known for its cultural concubines is a special place for food lovers, diversity that comes to play part is significant and much has been an influence of past culture which along with time evolve but never did compromised in taste. The restaurants around are taking the culture beyond and being an inspiring tourist place it is obvious to find some bistros around for knick knacks but there are some beautifully decorated and tastefully elegant.

Sathars: it is a worthy non vegetarian kitchen with awesome preparation of Indian and Asian dishes. Tourists are welcomed with love and appreciation and staffs working within are friendly and know how to do customer service. It is not a common traditional restaurant as it prepares North Indian dishes so if you wish to take a break from South Indian cuisine it could be a an ideal place to tag along with friends and family. From their list of fare you could pick Mutton Biryani and Tandoori dishes.

Address: 167 Gandhiji Road, Thanjavur.

Contact number: 04362 231041.

Nandhis Homely Restaurant: for inspiring Chettinad food, the Nandhis is recommended to be inspiring. The name of the restaurant suggests it is home base and taste is truly homely as far as ambience and hygienic approach is concern. The bistro is entirely vegetarian and it believes in preparing hygienic food and delivering taste to people. The reasonable rates of the bistro offer the best time and it has good sitting joints where family and friends could come and eat.

Address: 1st Floor, G.D Complex, Thanjavur.

Contact number: +91 93 62 415900.

Sahana: some call it carnival of food but we call it excellence of taste, the Sahana an amazingly decorated bistro is known for its North Indian specialities and desserts. The decor of the bistro would be the first thing to take your breath away and second thing is its unique taste. The seating arrangement and cleanliness is well maintained besides that staff working within is hospitable and knows how to treat travellers and guest. From their list of fare you could pick many but Paneer Khurchan and mixed veg curry is something that you would love the most.

Address: 167 Gandhiji Road, Thanjavur.

Aaharam: traditional establishment is a nice joint to check in and delectable dishes are something you would miss the most while going back home. The multi culinary restaurant has a great ambience beside that presentation of food would highly inspire the mind of food critique. Apart from being impeccable the restaurant is reasonable and you could try their continental Thali and Veg Thali to enjoy the best of the taste.

Address: No. 4/1116, Blake Higher Secondary School road, M.Chavadi, Thanjavur.

Contact number: 914362273222.

Palaharam: if you are looking to escape a taste of South Indian dishes and want to taste something great and diverse then Palaharam could be a best place in the town. The restaurant prepares various type of cuisine and it would be a great experience for travellers to try and taste different flavours of American cuisine, Chinese and Italian cuisine.

Address: No.4/1116, Blake Higher Secondary School road, M.Chavadi, Thanjavur.

Contact number: 914362273222.

Sree Ariya Bhavan: it is truly a dictionary of South Indian cuisine as it prepares authentic south Indian dishes. The restaurant is purely vegetarian and it is an ideal place for friends and family to enjoy the session. It is a local favourite and travellers would definitely like to come here to taste aura of South Indian cuisines like Dosa, Idli, Pongal etc.

Address: Near Old bus stand, Thanjavur.

Contact number: 914362230457.

Mohal Briyani: for biryanis lover it is a treat and could be considered as one of the most transcendental place to be at Thanjavur. The elegance of aroma would take your breath away and there are list of biryanis to choose from. It is a familiar site and family along with friends could come from every corner to enjoy the taste.

Address: Natchathira Nagar, Thanjavur.