San Thome Church

San Thome Church

Portuguese built, San Thome is an instance of history as it carries the privilege of being those three churches to be built over the tomb of apostles. It is ancient to be precise with chronicles dating back to 72 AD. The church is a price of people faith and belief and from tourism point of view a real classic where faith is not obstructed but reality is accepted. It is a house of pilgrimage for Christians and no wonder it has found its mentions in book of Greeks and Roman. The original church is said to be constructed by St. Thomas himself, perhaps an endless belief has made it eternal in heart of believers.

St. Thomas

It becomes very interesting to learn who is St. Thomas? He is considered as one amongst those legendary apostles known for their service of spreading of message of god across the world and universe. He is said to had taken up an assignment to spread missionary to India and China beside that he is the only apostles who said to have touched Jesus after he was awaken from death. People would be proud to know he landed first in Kerala in and around 52 AD during Chera Regime. Kerala is said to have lived in era of St Thomas and landed in Mylapore now renowned as Chennai and it is a place where he was stabbed and carved to death. His body was buried by King Mahadevan at San Thome where currently the tomb stands and where an immortal church has been constructed before his name to remember his sacrifice.


The church has been constructed in Neo Gothic Style it is first said to have built by Portuguese before it was reconstructed by British in 1893. Its 183 feet spire was constructed in 1894 beside that stained glass are proof of St Thomas presence till date in heart of South Indian people. Construction of the church has been done so amazingly and each every artefact has been displayed in most lively manner. it is a modern site beside that it has a museum within that holds archaeological documents and facts.


St. Thome is home to believers and being touched by holy hands of St Thomas it is regarded as some of the few places in world where you could wash your sin as he is considered to be the only saint to have witnessed the miracle of Lord Christ. The people believe that it is through him they connect to Lord Jesus and endless belief is not just trusted to Christians but people of all background are accepted. Catholic Christians comes from every corner of the world to perform pilgrimage and not only Christians, curios travellers come from every pocket to see an actual story of St Thome Church.


Museum could be an interesting place for traveller to witness the real artefacts related to St Thomas. His era has been carefully assembled and it would be interesting to see something so historic and real. The most epic collection includes the spear that was used to stab St Thomas; beside that Postage stamp is an amazing compilation. There is also a mini theatre where people could view the short film directed on lifestyle of great apostle.

ST Thome Today

It is very unusual to learn but church has launched web TV for people to enjoy the telecast in home through satellite service and digitization. It also offer internet preaching so people could just connect to the world of faith and belief.


From 6 Am to 8 pm.


San Thome Church is set at a distance of around 6 km away from the central railway station of Chennai and from airport it is only 44 minutes away.