Shopping in Chennai

Shopping in Chennai

 Shopping in Chennai is Fun as the cosmopolitan city has lot many exciting places, malls and bazaars where one can enjoy shopping till they drop down.  Shopping  is not only associated with women but the secrets of Shopping of Men still remains unmentioned but Chennai is an awesome place for both, whey one can indulge in fun filled experience of shopping.

Shopping Markets and Bazaars in Chennai

 Theagaraya Nagar

 A major shopping destination in Chennai, Theagaraya Nagar is a centre for gold and jewellery shopping. Most of the shops here deal with gold and jewellery but there are many other shops which sell almost everything that one can look for during shopping. Silk Sarees, household items, crockery items, cutlery, toiletaries, cosmetic, clothing and footware, while you are at Theagaraya Nagar, the shopping here has listless items.

Anna Nagar

Another paradise in Chennai for shopaholics, Anna Nagar is one place where you will find expensive and branded items and many chains of branded stores. So, if you are fascinated about brand, this is the place for you to go for shopping.

George Town

Another most splendid place to enjoy shopping is George Town in Chennai. Though crowded most of the time, George Town main famous bazaar is Burma Bazaar where one can buy pure mulberry silk saris, saris of Kanchipuram famous for luster and dazzling, etc. Beside these, one can also pick some wonderful handicrafts for souvenir.


Known for its unique shopping experience, Mylopore is one shopping area where you can buy classical dancing costumes, jewellery and other accessories. The area also has few shops which have wide collection of artifacts, handicrafts and fashionable accessories.

Pondy Bazaar

Pondy Bazaar also known as Soundarapandian Angadi is located in TN Nagar, which is an important bazaar to enjoy lots of shopping like costumes, cotton garments, music accessories, elegant footware, leather bags, crockery items, etc. It is an interesting bazaar to visit and enjoy shopping with lots of fun and enjoyment.

Chennai is no wonder an ideal paradise for shopaholics. The elegant shops with brand names, busy market place, authentic shops selling jewellery items, handicrafts and various accessories makes bazaars of Chennai a suitable place for shopping. Come and shop your heart out and take some wonderful souvenirs back home from Chennai.