Shopping in Kanchipuram

Shopping in Kanchipuram

Kanchipuram a religious and cultural crates of Tamil Nadu is an ideal place to come for shopping, the city has numerous shops with weaving history dating back to 400 years. The silk and product of silk are primary things that could be purchase beside that it is a great place to come for shopping of idols of god made out of brass and other elements beside that handicraft is inspiring as you could look to buy Jewellery box, copper items jute products, souvenir and gift items.

Varamahalakshmi: undoubtedly the best place to come for silk sarees, the Varamahalakshmi sells authentic silk garments and it has various designs and borders to choose from. The borders are decorated with original Kanjeevaram works which are made of pure gold and silver threads. The colours would be fascinating and you could actually put their work into taste before buying original silk sarees.

PR Krishna and Sons: another glittering shop of silk items, the PR Krishna and Sons owns a silk loom and it sells wide variety of silk garments at affordable rates. Ladies are going to love this shop and its classification simply gets you the best out of rest. The best part is you can customize your idea and can ask silk weavers of the shop to design it in your way.

TN Nambi Street: for souvenir and handicraft items, the TN Nambi Street is ideal. The nexus of stalls have interesting set of goods for you which are indigenous and decorative type. The shops around sells idols of god and goddess, artefacts, jewellery box etc.

Gandhi Road: it is another fascinating road lined with numerous shops that sells silk products and silk woven items. You could pick from their design and could ask them to negotiate on price. It could prove to be great deal for gifting so come here and shop something traditional and original.