Shopping in Thanjavur

Shopping in Thanjavur

Tanjore or Thanjavur one the major cities of Tamil Nadu could prove to be a great shopping option for traveller as it sells numerous sovereign crafts and emporiums. The beauty of market is, all are amazingly cultural and they respect the self created goods. There are several shopping joints and government emporiums that sell authentic articles beside there are various tourist destinations with shopping facilities where you would find tradition of art and craft.

Shopping stretch around

Vicinity of Punainallur Mariamman: for tastefully designed paintings of Hindu gods we would suggest traveler to come here beside that the stretch of shops around the temple is known for Thalaiyatti Bommai nodding dolls which is made out of clay. The dancing dolls are an insignia of their art and craft and traveller could buy and gift the same to their neighbours or their loved ones back home.

South Keezha Veedh: it is a great place to come for paintings, Thanjavur paintings in common is something that traveller should buy while coming here. The artwork does not just comprehend with strokes of brush but it uses delicate gold foil and semi precious stones to accomplish an art. It is a great souvenir but could cost you bit but it would be classic and unforgettable.

Government emporiums: for inspiring weaves of silk and handicrafts we would suggest traveler to get into government emporiums to buy vivid sort of articles. The government emporiums are authentic site and you would find famous Zari work being concluded in sari. The emporium is also known for its bronze work beside that it could be a great place to buy stunning wooden craft, silk carpets, brass sculptures, traditional crafts etc.