Shopping in Trichy

Shopping in Trichy

City though religious in nature could be considered as ideal for shopping, the markets around is known for handicrafts, cigars, carpets, brassware and jewellery. The city is lived by artistic people and indigenous traditional crafts are something that traveller should buy while coming here beside that types of good could be purchase for gifting. Shopping here would be a nice experience and during weekend or before leaving to your place you could check in and see what you could take from the market of Trichy.

Shopping sites

Khadi Craft: for emporium goods and indigenous textiles we would suggest traveler to come here. The place is filled with serious type of garments and it is an exciting site to be as you would many colours unfolding and asking you to buy garments and textiles made from the hand of local people.

Address: Opposite to railway station, Trichy.

Flower Bazaar: now this could be more interesting as flower bazaar is where you would buy mist of fresh and aromatic blooms. The place is historic and it has been operating since 5 decades. It is a meeting ground of horticulture and flowers sold here are of different species.

Chinnar Bazaar: for artefacts and handicrafts it could be considered as ideal place, the bazaar is filled with various small scale marts and indigenous products made out of brass, silver, etc are sold in large scale.

Gandhi market: with a history of around 128 years, the shop could probably be the oldest in Trichy, the mart is dotted with several kind of stalls where you would find everything almost everything to take back home.

Cigar factory: it could be an ideal thing to gift a cigar to some people back home and for that you need to be at Cigar factory of Trichy where you would find handmade cigar and handloom saris.