Siva Ganga Garden Tanjore

Siva Ganga Garden Tanjore

Siva Ganga Garden Tanjore

Set between Brihadeswarar Temple and Schwartz Church. The Siva Ganga Garden is a wonderful sight to behold. The park is family friendly and it is well located within the parameter of historic places. It is a people park and locals love for it could be seen during weekends, for traveller it is an ideal place to come and relax enjoying the fresh air and appreciating the historic sites like Vijayanagar Fort, Thanjavur Palace, Brihadeswarar Temple and Schwartz Church around. The park consist a huge square tank which according to sources is believed to be of 16th century to perhaps meet the water crisis of the palace.

What to expect

Garden could just look boring from a distance with only greenery around but it is a shockingly amazing place as it boats which allows boating facility means it has resource of water to enjoy moments. There is a tiny zoo for animal lovers and a toy train for joy ride. Owing to natural surroundings you could even hear chirping of birds and bird watchers could witness some flying feathers to their delight. During evening, it invites a hospitable fair and foodie’s are going to love the scene with so many eating joints selling different platter of their likes.

There is a library within a park cum garden and it is well maintained by Thanjavur Municipality and bookies could spend some time here reading piles of collection.


The history of park goes back to days of the 19th century, the broad vision of town municipality realised the importance of the site constructed the Siva Ganga Garden, initially it was neglected but with time it grew in importance and became major tourist attraction of the city.

Best time to visit

The park is a year around fantasy you could come in anytime.

Operating hours

Monday to Sunday, from 6.00 am till 6 pm.

Entry fee

RS 5/.