Sri Parthasarathy Temple

Sri Parthasarathy Temple

Abode to Lord Krishna, the temple is 8th century built with historic credit completely going to Pallavas for thinking of such amazing architecture. Set at Triplicane, Chennai in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, the temple is considered as oldest in the history of Chennai and is referred among the 108 Divya Desams dedicated to Lord Vishnu. King Narasimhavarman I of Pallava Dynasty commissioned the land and ordered the construction which till date stand as one of the magnificent religious and tourism site of Chennai. It is a perfect place to elevate a mind for salvation and rituals of the temple releases a negative energy from your head to make you complete and omnipotent.


Parathasarathy is a Sanskrit word which means Charioteer, Lord Krishna in his epic role in Mahabharata was a Charioteer of Arjuna.


The location of the temple tank is considered to be sacred as it was a place where Goddess Lakshmi was born to Sage Bhrigu in the form of Vedavalli.

Important note

The temple was constructed first by Pallava Dynasty but it was subsequently expanded by Cholas and later Vijayanagar Empire followed the same tradition of saving religion. The structure of an idol of Parthasarathy is an important thing to note, his role as a charioteer has been depicted and it shows injuries caused by an arrow of Bhisma during the war. It is believed that he promised not to use weapons, so he gave his army but put himself on reserve for Pandavas to fight for justice. The conch of a statue is a proof of how we gave up on Sudarshan Chakra and rather carried conch to show his neutral behaviour.

The temple

Constructed in South Indian Tamil architecture, the temple has two gopurams commanding eastern and western cardinals. Five vimanams of temple has been named after different legends. The tank of the temple called Thiruallikeni is related with chronicles of Lord Vishnu and Devi Lakshmi, it has five wells for drinking purpose and it is set opposite to the eastern entrance of the temple.

It has two main shrines, the Mulavar is considered as main deity and Parthasarathy faces east along with his consort Rukmani Piratiyar, the temple is associated with a legend of Mahabharata so there are interesting statues that shows a situation of life after war. The temple has dedicated a separate shrine for Ranganatha and Lord Rama and he is seen with his entire family. The epic holds the shrine of Charioteer with Arjuna beside that there are statues depicts three different manifestation of Lord Vishnu namely Narasimha, Rama, and Krishna.

Darshan and Sevas

Administration of temple is headed by Hindu religious and endowment board of the government of Tamil Nadu. It follows the sect of Thenkalai and relates the glory of Vaishnavite tradition. The morning hours are best recommended for Darshans beside that Sevas are conducted throughout. The season of festival is a prime occasion for sevas and during the month of December till January it becomes a major home for pilgrimage.


Temple is home to year around festive season but the most important and energetic is Theppam or float festival. The festival is annual in nature and it is celebrated in Tamil month of Masi for 1 week. The seven day festival is colourful in nature and it attracts devotees from different corner of the world.


From 530 hours to 1200 hours and 1600 hours to 2100 hours all days a week.

Visiting hours

2 to 3 hours.