Thanjavur Maratha Palace

Thanjavur Maratha Palace

Thanjavur Maratha Palace

Thanjavur Royal Palace or Thanjavur Maratha Palace is a historic tourist attraction of Thanjavur. It was once an official residence of Bhonsle Family who ruled Tanjore from 1674-1855. The palace was originally constructed by Thanjavur Nayak Kingdom and after the decline of their reign it came into hand of Thanjavur Maratha.  In 1799, the The kingdom of Maratha was annexed to East India Company and after independence it was handed back to India by imperialist. At present one part of the palace operates as heritage museum where historic artefacts are on displays and the same is considered as primary attractions that seem to lure traveler from across the world.


The palace is classified into Sardar Mahal palace, Queen’s courtyard and the Durbar Hall. The Raja Serfoji memorial hall and the Royal palace museum is part of the Sardar Mahal palace. The Saraswati Mahal Library is still in its old charm and the 17th century palace still seems to get traveler to interpret its historic beauty and present status.

Things to note

Traveller would require three different tickets to get over all view of the palace. There is a full ticket which includes the art gallery and Saraswati Mahal library museum along with sightseeing of Mahratta Dharbar Hall, the bell tower, and the Saarjah Madi.


9 am till 5 pm opens all days a week except on public holidays.

Entry fee

For domestic adult: RS 10

Domestic Child: RS 5.

Overseas traveller: RS 100.

Still Camera: RS 50/ 100.

Visit duration

2 to 3 hours, ideal for history buffs, experience seekers and photo fanatics.

Best time to visit

The season of winter that starts from the month of December till February could be considered as ideal to make your visit here.


From Thanjavur Bus stand, the Royal palace is set at a distance of roughly 6 km and you would get rickshaws and auto to reach the site.