Toda Huts

Toda Huts

Toda Huts

A Toda hut set at a distance of around 5.6 km from the mainland of Ooty is an original representation of Toda community still in existence. Long before a mutation of the city, the Western Ghats of Ooty was inhabited my many tribal communities amongst which the name of Toda comes at first as their dwelling huts still takes us back into history when it was nothing but deep foliage of Jungle. Toda’s were primarily pastoral and believed in shifting cultivation, they were close knitted and still today even after a wholesome development of hill station after industrialization by British, they still seem to live in close community by arranging marriage within their cast.


Toda huts or commonly renowned as Toda’s hamlet does not span more than 10 huts and it is built for purpose of storage and shelter. The cattle rearing and farming is necessary elements of their survival strategy and it is a great site to witness with different architecture coming to play a role. The curious structure does not have windows and a semi barrel shape huts are small with people needs to bend their back to enter from the main door. Huts are constructed out of bamboo and rotten thatched roof with an entrance measuring not more than 3 feet and 90 cm. These people are really religious and they believe in protection of their community. Bamboo along with granite or dressed stones is used for construction and exterior is done with stacked grass.

What’s there for tourist?

Tourist could find this place interesting as they would get an occasion to experience something different, the urban conglomeration is nowhere to be witnessed and it would be a paradigm shift from culture of town to culture of tribal people who lives in this arch shaped hut to preserve their existence.

Best time to visit

March to June could be considered as best time to make your visit here.


Ooty Bus station is set at a distance of around 5.7 km and it would take around 20 minutes to reach here via roadways.