Valiathura Beach

Valiathura Beach

Valiathura Beach

Valiathura Beach is one of the most fascinating and isolated beach located on the suburb of Trivandrum, the Kerala capital. Earlier it was only the port along the South Kerala Coast until the Kochi became the prominent port in Kerala, thus Valiathura lost its importance, and it is now regarded as only a fishing port.

This beautiful but isolated beach is now located only 10 km away from Trivandrum which easily entices the tourists with its golden sandy stretches and the swaying palm trees. The lanky swaying palm trees offer the travelers wonderful shade hiding you away from the scorching heat.


Valiathura is much renowned for its pier which is more than 51 year old and 703 feet in height and the storehouse behind are far cry from the past, when up to 50 cargo ships used to call here at time. This was opened in the year 1956 by the advisor of Rajapramukh Dr. P.S Rau, and it was only the port along the South West of Kerala. But owing to the development of the Kochi Port with good facilities for berthing of huge cargo ships, this port of Valiathura lost its importance and during the early eighties it was declared as a ‘dead port’.

Shangumugham Beach is located adjacent to the Trivandrum International Airport and Veli Tourist Village. This magnificent beach is paradise for the sunset watchers. This beach is located in the fishing village thus you also can catch interesting sight of fishermen having their daily catch. An enormous, 35 m long sculpture of Merimaid identified as ‘Matsya Kanyaka’ is the prime alluring site here for the travelers.

Beemapally Mosque this is a fascinating mosque situated on the suburb of Trivandrum city and the unique feature of this mosque is that it is widely visited by the people of all regions and castes. The tomb of Syedunnisa Beema Beevi is the prime attraction which is very captivating and tempting she was a Muslim Lady with divine powers. The other attraction is the annual feast which is held in remembrance of Syedunnisa Beema Beevi, pilgrims from across the globe and state visit the mosque and witness the feast.

These are some of the prime tourist attractions nearby the Valiathura Beach which truly are very worth to visit and explore.