Vattavada Village

Vattavada Village

Vattavada Village

Nestled at an elevation of 6500 feet above the sea level, Vattavada is a virgin place positioned at a distance of about 45 km east of Munnar in the Idduki district of Gods own Country Kerala. Unlike the high and low lying lands of Munnar which is carpeted with tea plantation, the land of Vattavada is adorned with terraced slopes, jungle patches, vegetable and fruit gardens and valleys which give it a stunning look and tranquil ambience. The area is further festooned conifers and eucalyptus and teems with large number of butterflies and avian faunas which makes this place a must visit site while on a tour to Idduki.

Major Attractions:

Kurunjimala Sanctuary: Extended over an area of 32 km², Kurunjimala Sanctuary is home gaur, elephant and deer along with the endangered Nilgiri Tahr and the Neelakurunji flower which blooms once in every 12 years. A flower fest was conducted in 2006 which was the time for the blooming of this flower; the flower fest attracted about 1 million visitor owing to which it was declared a protected center.

Things to Do:

Adventurous activities like jeep safari, mountain biking, jungle camping etc. can also be relished while in Vattavada beside the way of life of the locals, their art forms and their natural remedies are other interesting things for the visitors that can be studied or learned while visiting this place. Vattavada could be taken for a place significant for trekking as it offers several opportunities for exploring every nook and corners of its beautiful interior and exterior sites.

A keen trekker would get options to discover many nearby locations including Kanthaloor, Top Station, and Kodaikanal etc. The scenic landscape and a chance to spot some flora and fauna are the best things that one can do while trekking to these locations which are absolute heaven considering the rich nature and adventurous activity of trekking.

Blessed with an amazing climate, the land of Vattavada favors some tastiest fruits like blackberry, strawberry, plums, gooseberry, apple and orange etc. which are not found on rest of Kerala. So, while on this place satiating your taste buds with these fruits can be another option.

This place is also home to some colourful butterflies, avian faunas and other winged species. Just make sure to carry a camera and head on to capture some astonishing and rare sights of nature.

Best time to Visit: Though it is all year round destination, the best time to visit this place is in the summer month of March to May and if you are a winter lover then winter months of October to February.