Vijayanagar Fort

Vijayanagar Fort

Vijayanagar Fort

Set at a distance o around 2 km away from the famous Brahadeeswara temple, Vijayanagar Fort was constructed during the reign of Nayaks and partly by Maratha during their rule in Thanjavur in early 15th century. The fort is iconic and much to traveller anticipation some parts of it are still open and could be viewed by public owing to tourism ferocity. The place is ideal for historic buffs and for photo fanatics. The walls of the fort is not standing alone it accumulates the expansion of Tanjore Palace, Sangeetha Mahal, Library and an exquisite art gallery that includes many sculptures and paintings.

Present condition

It is noticed that fort is neglected thoroughly and the state government to prevent the further deterioration of the fort have asked public to save the property by making it public. The ruins of the fort would take you back to the golden days of Nayak diplomacy and jurisdiction of Maratha but with time its walls went down like a castle of glass and today its strengths looks like an idea of old men trying to prove its existence. The subtle charm left of the fort is not sure how long it would last but tourist seems to thoroughly enjoy the place as it takes you away from the lights of town and puts you into shoes of past and future.


The fort at present to glorify its history and to account traveller displays various set of historic manuscripts from the time of King Serfoji beside that it is home to Sanskrit and vernacular manuscripts.

Best time to visit: October till March could be considered as best time to make a visit here.

Address: 2 km northeast of Brahadeeswara Temple,Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India

Visiting time: 1 to 2 hours.

Opening hour: 9 am till 6 pm remains open all days a week.

Things not allowed: Eateries and pets are not allowed.

Distance: Vijaynagara fort is located 2 kms away from North Eastern part of Brihadeshwar Temple.