Kerala is one of those states in India where there is beauty found in the plain areas as well as the hilly regions. Kerala WaterfallsTalking about the hilly regions of the state there are some of the best waterfalls that one can find in India. They are very pretty and people from around the globe have been attracted to these gorgeous ’God’s own country’ for many reasons, one of them being these breath taking waterfalls. There are more than a dozen waterfalls here but as per the poll people have rated them and consider few of them as top ten. Let’s look at them a little bit closely.

Athirapally waterfalls – this waterfall is not very far from the city of Cochin. Since a lot of tourists come to Cochin they find it very easy to travel to this beauty spot too. They come in huge numbers throughout the year. It falls in the Western Ghats belt and also is close to the Vazhachal, thereby making it one of the most prominent waterfalls of Kerala.

Thomankuttu waterfalls – the closest place from this waterfall is the Thodupuzha. This one is characterized by the seven steps and several caves that surround this serene waterfall. They say that people who love adventure in the natural bliss then this is the place to be. It is also a family place for there are options having picnic with the entire family. All in all it is a lovely place to be.

Mulamkuzhi waterfalls –one of the most enchanting sights is found in the Mulamkuzhi waterfalls. The water that flows from the Mulamkuzhi River has such a winding and curved path that creates this beautiful waterfall. Other rivers called the Periyar and Perumthode are also found here and their water is also added to the waterfall. Hence the strength of the waterfall is big and huge. The mountain ranges and green forests make for a picturesque location.

Cheeyappara Waterfalls – this waterfall is found in one of the great eco-tourism destination of the region. Not very far from the Cochin a lot of people visit this waterfall and now has become a significant excursion point for tourists and students. The water beautifully cascades over the seven steps making one of the most liked sights of all time in Kerala. It is a truly great spectacle for one to behold.

Nyayamakad waterfall – yet another famous waterfall that lies close to Munnar is the Nyayamakad waterfall well known for its surrounding beauty where a lot of people come for picnic, excursion or just to have nice peaceful time. The waterfall is breath taking with the water cascading from a height of 1600 meters. From a point right above the waterfall is an important part of the fall from where a magnificent view of the Munnar valley is seen.

Dhoni waterfall – one would reach here only after a trek of long 3 hour trek from the base of the Dhoni hills but once on top once can truly experience the breath taking sights with their eyes. The waterfall is small but it is very pretty. The forest area provides a perfect area for trekking and therefore has tourists flocking in throughout the year.